Minecraft - Easy Completely Hidden Stairs With Secret Lever.

Introduction: Minecraft - Easy Completely Hidden Stairs With Secret Lever.

First of all this is my first instructable!! so excited and nervous,

My and I had a number of friends on our Minecraft server who kept stealing our things so we decided to create a secret underground treasure room with a secret lever to stop people from finding it! it worked well the server carried on running 24 hours and we kept our things :D

Step 1: Time to Start the Build, 1 Block Deep by 5 Blocks Long

We first of all dug 1 block deep x 5 blocks long, then missed a row of blocks to the right and then dug 1 block deep by 5 blocks long x2.

Step 2: Sticky Pistons

Add your choice of stairs, do the usual digging diagonally down and adding the stair blocks so it goes deeper the more you go down the stairs.

Where the Dirt block of 5 was replace it with your choice of flooring and next to that 5 x sticky pistons facing towards your newly lay floor.

Behind the sticky pistons Dig another 1 block deeper so will be 2 blocks deep in total

Step 3: Redstone Repeaters

Next to the pistons add 5 x redstone repeaters (set the top step repeater to number 4)

next to the repeaters dig 2 blocks down by 5 long and add red stone.

Step 4: More Digging!!

This is very hard to describe!!

I've tried my best in the picture to capture the depth and length / width required for this part of the process.reds

Step 5: Redstone Time

Follow the redstone trail and add 2 further repeaters, note the repeater behind the Wooden planks is set to 3, have a redstone torch set on the other side of the wooden planks, also a redstone torch on the lone piece of dirt at the top of the left hand rectangle.


Place x 2 sticky pistons in the appropriate places, they should automatically be extended as they are activated by the red stone torches. (second picture i deleted the wooden stairs for the picture so you could see orientation of the piston)

Step 7: Build the House Around It!

next its time to build the house around the stairs. i suggest using the lever to switch the floor closed so it is easier to see where needs to be covered.

Cover the piston arms with either bricks depending on how your building will look or in mine we used crafting table, juke box and oven (chests do not cover piston arms completely!)

Then where the switch was placed we left a x 1 deep by x 2 high hole placed signs on the inside of the hole.

Then Cover the hole with a nice painting if you click the bottom left block next to the hole if will give a variety of paintings and one that is 2x2 would cover the hole.

When you use the lever and open the floor to revel the stairs go down and enjoy digging yourself a treasure room!!

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Question 2 years ago

what if you wanted to hide the stairs when you go down? if you're in a Multiplayer server and you're friend wants to raid you're base and kill you, you can't hide!


Answer 1 year ago

Then you can find some redstone tutorials that will help you change the lever into buttons and put one on either side.


Reply 1 year ago

I suggest if you are on Java then Mumbo Jumbo, but if not, then look it up on youtube or something.


2 years ago

this isn't exactly avalible to do in every biome


4 years ago

This was a great build. I made a double-wall which completely covers the pistons and brought the lever inside. You can''t tell there's a staircase at all or that I'm hiding all the contraptions. Thanks. Still works 3 years later.

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