Minecraft in 3d

Introduction: Minecraft in 3d

3d Minecraft adds a whole new level to Minecraft gaming. It feels as if your walking in the game. At the low price of 3d glasses it is very easy to do. Follow along and change your whole gaming experience!

Step 1: 3d Glasses

I order to make your Minecraft game 3d you will need glasses. The glasses have to be blue and red or else it won't work. I got my glasses from walmart.com because they weren't the cheapest but they had fast shipping. (On Amazon you could get a pair for about a dollar but, the shipping is like 3 to 4 weeks.) Any pair of 3d glasses will work the just HAVE TO be blue and red.

Step 2: Open Minecraft

Step 3: Go to Settings

Step 4: Video Settings

Step 5: 3d Anaglyph

Turn on the 3d anaglyph setting. At this step it will take a while and change every thing into a faded color. If so your on the right track!

Step 6: 3d

Open up a world and put on your glasses. Look at the pointer in the middle for a few seconds and you will soon get the effect. This is a great (and cheap) way to enhance your Minecraft gaming experience! Enjoy Minecraft even more.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I bought these glasses, and aren't the good colors (or only for me), because the blue (or cyan) color don't match with the correct. But I had another from a barbie movie, that work well!


    6 years ago

    no need for glasses


    6 years ago

    minecraft is already 3d