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Hi everyone, as there is a minecraft contest coming up I thought I might as well post a few ibles on minecraft weapons.

This quick tutorial will be on how to make a 150 rpm fire charge gun, without using any complicated redstone devices.

Step 1: Materials

To make this you will need: repeaters, redstone dust, a redstone torch, a dispenser, some kind of solid block and firecharges.

Step 2: The Stand.

Make the 4 block structure shown in pic1. Place a dispenser on the top block and redstone dust on the other two blocks.

Step 3: Repeaters.

Place down 4 repeaters as shown with redstone dust connecting them.

Step 4: Checking

Place a redstone torch down as shown. If the dust and repeaters light up and the dispenser fires, then you have set it up correctly.

Step 5: Using It.

Break the torch and one of the redstone dust to reset it, then place the torch down again, this time destroying it instantly. This should cause a bright pulse to go round the circuit and the dispenser to fire 2-3 times a second.

Step 6: Loading

As soon as you put some charges in the dispenser it will start firing them out. Some of them will hit the ground after only 50 blocks but others will continue flying till over 500.

Apart from decoration, you could use this design in a multi - player world to destroy an enemy's ship for example.

This will be the first of many mincraft instructables so please let me know if you have any designs or ideas that you would like me to make.

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