Minecraft Shop

Introduction: Minecraft Shop

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Step 1: Hopper Set Up

Place two hoppers on top of each other one block high

Step 2: Red Stone Scencor

place two red stone compareters like so the one redstone off the second compareter

then place a block one block high from the red stone to its right (facing the hoppers)

place a piece of red stone on top of the new block and a red stone torch facing you (while you are on the ground facing the hoppers)

then one block away from the red stone torch place a block on the ground with a red stone repeater facing the opposite way from the red stone torch then place a block one block high forward form the red stone repeater then place a red stone torch on top of it then place another block facing forward of the previous one then put one piece on red stone on top of the newly placed bock

Step 3: Dispensing the Bought Item

on top of the red stone torch that if off place a block above it then place another block down and forward of the new block you placed

then add a new block to the newest one you just put down to the left of it then place another block

on the new blocks you just added put a red stone repeater facing forward on the left one and one facing backwards on the left one with a full tick on it

then add a dispenser in front of the left block with a repeater on it

then put whatever item you want in the dispenser i used red stone blocks

make sure that you cover all the sides of the dispenser so the items don't fly out everywhere

then put a red stone lamp above the dispenser to tell when the item has dispensed

Step 4: Making a Currency

on the bottom hopper put 18 of the item they use to buy your stuff the one of the item in each of the other slots put a chest at the bottom of the bottom hopper

Step 5: Buying an Item

throw what ever you buy stuff with in your shop in the top hopper or place it in there and your item will be dispensed

If it went wrong some how please leave a comment and I will fix

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    3 years ago

    what resource pack is this?


    5 years ago

    I'm assuming you got a mod.