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Introduction: Minercaft How to Tame a Horse Mini Instructables

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Horse were first added to Minecraft in the first 1.6 update. They Have since then still been useful as an extra inventory space and way to freely get around the world of Minecraft. In this Mini Instructables I will show you the How to Tame A horse. You Will Need

A Saddle

An Empty Fist


Horse Armor

Half Stack of Apples

Step 1: Taming the Horse

Right Click With Your Fist on the Horse and Try Moving Around with WASD. The Horse Most Likely Will Buck You off after a few Seconds, but don't worry just right click back onto him and continue to do. Apples Can Be used To Decrease The amount of times the horse will buck you off(also note Worthy, Apples heal Horse that are injured, so if you ever get in trouble with your horse keep so apples in the saddle pack.).

Step 2: Saddle Up

You will be able too tell when you have tamed a horse when you see hearts coming off the horse for just a second. At first you wont be able to move around, but don't worry all you have to do is press E to open the horses pack. Place the Saddle in the top slot on the left to Saddle the Horse. The Slot below it is for Horse armor which cannot be crafted, only found in dungeons(and sometimes villages).

Step 3: Ride Away YYEEHHAAWW

That's about it. Horses are a relatively simple thing to get if you know how to do it. Saddles Can Be Found In dungeons like Nether Fortress, Mob Spawners, End Fortress and Pyramids. Unles you have a Mod that allows you to Craft saddles You Have to Find One first before you can ride one. Don't Worry Their not to uncommon, you should be able to find one pretty easily in a village. Also A worthy note is that Dornkys May Not be able to Hold Armor, but they can hold a chest on their saddle. Simply Right Click On the saddle with a regular Chest in you hand to Create a saddle Bag. Right Click on the Chest again to open it to fill it with items or blocks. Saddle Bags Have The Same Storage space as A Single Chest. And AS always If you have a Question You Would Like Answered, Post A Comment Or IM Me(I LOVE it when you great guys and girls Give Me feedback on My Projects). That's all for Now Boys and girls, Until Next Time Minecraft Fans!

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    5 years ago

    thanks for your help also how do you make the horse follow you without using a leash


    7 years ago

    you dont need apples for this you just need to stay on the horse until you see hearts around the horse


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes that is why the apples are optional. Apples can speed up the process of taming a horse but in the end they are not required to tame one.