Introduction: Miners Style Lantern

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I wanted to make a lantern for another project and this was the mock up but it went so well and worked with the oil canister I used it as is .
I had been wanting to make an instructable for some time so here t is.
This is not a spot light but could be brighter if modified .

Step 1: Tools

For this project you will need a few light tools .
When I travel I take along a small tool box the boat box that I keep my get into trouble tools in .
I dont need them all just the medical sheers ,pliers , swiss army knife  modified hammer and a firm stick. I used two hammers sharpie, and a screwdriver. whatever type of screws you use.
and one long nail.

Step 2:

You will also need some expendables  depending on how rough you are on them 
1 -2 lb bag of rice , 2 clean tube socks or near so some sand paper a small wire brush will help

Then there are the raw materials to build with.
I like to use item that if it all goes bad I can scrap the whole project and not feel to bad .
And out here we seem to have a lot of cans and plastic.So this is what you need
1 large tuna can not the 6 lb style just not the small style
1 tomato sauce or pizza sauce can
2 regular cans from beans or peas ,carrots,&ect
And one smaller can that will fit inside a regular can sort of tight some of the pull top cans are just under sized 
And a couple plastic bottles I screwed up two and got it on the third try
You will also need a wire coat hanger or similar type and length of wire .
7 screws and 11 nuts

Step 3:

First you should build the lens for the lantern
You have to remove the label of the bottle then cut of the top and bottom .
Find the seam and cut up one side  unless you want the line to run through the lens for effect.
In my bottle there are ridges that go around this will leave waves in the lens like the old equipment.
After cutting the plastic get one of your standard cans and turn it up side down closed side up.
 remove all labels and glue from all cans I didnt 
Open the plastic bottle and place it over the can like a claw trying to pick it up.

Step 4:

Firmly press the plastic down over the can with both hands , hold that with one hand taking your other hand and wrapping wire around the plastic twice then twisting it together with the other two free hands you wish you had.
Repeat this process 2 or 3 times until it actually works then tighten the wire by twisting the ends till tight.

Step 5: Lens Prep

 if you over tighten the wire it will break and you have to start again if its to loose then the lens will pull loose
At this point it will look bad but that is OK .
Pre heat the oven to 450 f and place the lens can in the oven .
In about 10 min or less the can will shrink up and form a small smooth lens
Remove it from the oven and let it cool if it is still wavy let it go a few more minutes.
Some time you have just try again .
It will be a pain to pull apart from the can normally its not melted on its just snapped on tight.

Step 6:

You will just measure below the edge about �cut off the extra plastic.

Step 7: Shot Bag

Next we move on to the reflector but first we need to build the shot bag
I didnt have any lead shot so I used rice and I didnt have two sheet of leather so I used socks
First place the bag of rice in one sock then fold over the rest of the sock then slide it into the other sock and twist the tail and push it back through the sock this will make a hard pillow.

Step 8:

Now we can take the bag and the lid cut off the regular can and find a firm area to work preferably something strong made of wood and not cherished by some one else : no dining room tables ,kitchen counters ,Ming vases. Ect I used our deck
Hammer the lid in a circular motion turning it every hit of the hammer I wanted a wrinkly surface to make it look older but if you take it slow you can keep it smooth, you can also use the bottom off of a soda can
Continue this process until you get the desired effect .
Smooth out any wrinkles on the wood surface.
Repeat this process with the tuna can .
But since you cant reach into the can very well use the handle of the hammer .
And stand the can on the stick” second hammer” to smooth out the bottom of the can .
This will also be done to the top of the burner “this is the can that just fits inside of a normal can.”

Step 9:

Once this has been done to all three parts they need to be cleaned .
All these cans have a coating on the out side and inside this must be removed .
The easiest way to do this is to place them in the grill with some wood scrap and burn them.
I dont have access to one here so I use the stove if any one else is in the house including the fire alarm they will come looking for the fire
dont leave it on the stove long enough to burn just to cook off the coating .

Step 10: STEP # 10

STEP # 10 .-Now its time to get out the band aids ,gauze, tape, butterflies, ect .
 you know if you bleed the project will turn out better, or so I have been told

Step 11:

Take the parts that you have cleaned and sand them down be careful with the edges .
If you grip to hard and the metal slips it will cut like a chain saw .see step 10

Step 12:

Now we lay out the rest of the project
Standard sized can goes through the large sauce can forming a t
Then a standard size can gets cut down till it just fits inside of the sauce can turned up side down .See step#10,
Then the small can with the dome is placed into the cut off standard can this forms your burner.See step#10,
Lens goes on and you light the fire .
I think that about does it.....

Place standard can on top of sauce can near the closed end of the sauce can about two to three ridges below the smooth section
Mark around the can with the sharpie keep the pen directly in line with the can and the shape you draw will be an oval not a circle." it will actully turn out like a lemon with the points wrapping around the can"
I like to cut from the center out in a spiral this this is easer than trying to cut right on the line from the beginning .
This is were my swiss is used I take the awl and made a hole in the center of the can and insert the scissors into the hole and start cutting around.�ormatted_description" style="display:none;">Now we lay out the rest of the project <br/>
Standard sized can goes through the large sauce can forming a t <br/>
Then a standard size can gets cut down till it just fits inside of the sauce can turned up side down .See step#10, <br/>
Then the small can with the dome is placed into the cut off standard can this forms your burner.See step#10, <br/>
Lens goes on and you light the fire .<br/>
I think that about does it.....<br/>

Step 13:

Then turn over the can 180  and repeat the process.
See step#10,
After this is done test fit the standard can through the hole to see if it fits .
If it doesnt try turning it around and around while you push it in .
If it still does not fit trim and repeat .
If you force it See step#10,
Remove the standard can from the sauce can and move on to the next phase .
Take the first standard can and a another standard can and mark the center of one to be cut out “just like the sauce can but only on one side and in the middle not at one end”
Set the un cut can aside till later.

Step 14:

Retrieve one of the cut off lids and mark and cut it like so.
Fold each end down and make a small hole in the end about center of each end about the size of your screws
Take your reflector and make a hole in the center of it .
then take your reflector and cutoff the bottom �or.
Now screw this all together making the folded piece into the support for your reflector .
Now make a small hole in the bottom of your standard can that has a hole in one side .
Place the entire reflector assembly into the bottom and test fit.
If all is good hen tighten down all the bolts.

Step 15:

Now cut a small hole on the opposite side of the standard can you just assembled to allow the soot and smoke to escape “ not to big since the other half of the can is missing”
Now place the standard can back into the sauce can with the big hole facing the open end of the sauce can."some how i dident take this picture or the picture fairies took it or I dont know" any way in this picture just make a few small holes were the sharpie is in the side of the can.This will be your vent.

Step 16:

Use a can opener to make a series of vent holes in the closed end of the sauce can. about 6
now insert the standard can with the large hole in one side and the vent holes in th other side."large hole side toward the open end of the sauce can"
This should be shaped like a cross with the closed side up .this we will call the top

Step 17:

Now turn the project up side down and place your other standard can in side the sauce closed end goes inside can until it rests on the cross ways can in side.
Mark were the standard can exits the sauce can with your sharpie then remove it .
Cut the can on this line .
Place the smaller can in side the cut off section of the standard can the end that you rounded earlier goes in and mark it as above the remove and cut.
Now take the domed end of the smaller can and make a hole from the inside out about 1/16 of an inch wide and �of the dome for the wick using the nail.
make a smaller hole off to the side for a breather.
Find a rag suitable piece of cotton or but a wick from death mart and place in the hole.
soak the cotton in vegetable oil why yes my lantern is green no deadly batteries here just good old carbon and fire not for use in Chicago
Fill with cooking oil, olive oil, ect ”no gasoline or other highly combustible fluid or gas or you will have to see step # go directly to dead “ along with all present“.
Slide the two halves together and you have a burner

Step 18:

Now take the sauce can assembly and make three evenly spaced holes in the bottom of the can around the lower edge .placing one in the front under the open end of the standard can.

Bend a piece of wire into a V and set aside .

Now place a screw  from the inside out  into the hole in the front of the can and tighten down a nut.
Place the V of wire on the screw then bend it back so the ends go into the back two holes .
Twist them around a few times and you have the retainer for the burner.
Place the burner in the bottom of the sauce can clip up the V of wire and the lower section is complete.

Step 19:

Now we move on to the top of the lantern I hope nobody has had to go to step # 10 often "or at all".
Place 4 holes in the top edge of the can around the out side these should be evenly spaced
The easiest way to do this is to put a piece of paper around the can mark were it overlaps then cut it that long.
Then fold it in half twice ,unfold it and wrap it around the can .
Then mark at each fold this will mark the can with out measuring.
Then take the tuna can that has been sitting all alone and dejected and repeat the process .
Placing the holes along the open edge of the can.
You will now place screws into the holes and place a pair of nuts on each screw.
Once the lid is onto of the sauce can the screws will be extended into the sauce can and one nut will be tightened against the lid and one will be tightened against the sauce can.

Step 20:

Now we are almost done .
Poke 2 holes in the tuna can about half way up one on each side .
This is were you will place the rest of your wire to make the handle for the lantern.
Now take out the burner and wash of all the blood."also the sharpie will run and bleed so clean it off if you use light paint"
Place it in a dry place and paint it I placed it on its face so paint would not get on the reflector ".
After it dries replace the burner, snap on the lens, and mount the handle .