Introduction: Minerva Necklace

About: Hi, I am an electronical engineer from the northern coast of Colombia, I like doing things with my hands just for the pleasure to do it. you know when the inspiration comes do not let it go.
Hi this idea was born when I was reading about Roman mythology. In the myth about Minerva (Athena) she has a animal companion that was a owl, it was seen as a symbol of wisdom and of vigilance because the owl is capable of seeing in the dark and is awake at night.

We are part of a great community of ingenious people but sometimes we hit a wall that stop the project and then what can you do?, (insert you method here) and after that bulb will shine and then you will finish proud of your work.

This necklace is a simbol of that.

Step 1: Materials

This is a list of the material used to make this necklace:

60 cm of a metal chain (for the design you should choose one that you like)
one owl ornament and a little O metal ring (the size have to be accord the metal chain that you choose)
one led back-light display ( I found this one from the back of monochromatic digital display)
one little Dip switch
one battery pack (this is from a little led flashlight)
For this product you will need some of instant glue, some cables, a soldering pen and some tweezers.

Step 2: Making the Necklace

To make the body of the necklace you have to do a two steps procedure

First you assemble the owl ornament with the O metal ring, for that you twist the O ring with the help of the tweezers has seen in the photo.

Second you connects the two ends of the chain using the same procure of the O ring and don't forget to pass the owl ornament before you connect the ends side of the chain.

Step 3: Circuit

The circuit for this necklace is a simple one one battery pack, one led display and one switch (for a detailed diagram please see the image), the tricky part of this step is make the circuit the more compact possible to be possible to hide behind the owl ornament.

After you solder the components use a masking tape to seal the circuit in a small package

Step 4: Finish the Necklage

To end this project you have to paste the circuit with the super glue to the ornament and you should take care that the circuit can't be seen from the front.

Congratulations you have assemble the Minerva necklace, the next time you have a good idea, everyone will know it.
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