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Introduction: Minesweeper Pixel Art Super Mario Mushroom

My third tutorial on minesweeper pixel art.

This time I will show you how to make mushroom from Super Mario.

The pattern is simple but the process is sort of long so be prepared for a few fails and be sure to have your screen clipper ready!

Step 1: Make Your Canvas.

My canvas was made in a 24x30 minesweeper grid with 10 mines, I found this grid works best.

You will have to randomly click and then find a mine - click it and find out where all the other mines are.

You want a grid similar to the one in the first photo, it needs a big space in the middle that you can work with.

Now take a screenshot and restart that game.

Mark the edges of your 'canvas' by marking out the surrounding mines, you will work inside the largest space you have. clean up your boundaries like the fourth photo shows.

Once you have don this you can move on!

Step 2: Outline

You will have to first mark out the outline of the mushroom.

I have included photos of every 10 or so marks I made.

You want to be right-clicking to mark the outline, you will mark it with flags.

Step 3: Features

It is time to start the features, the first one is the simplest, click in the smaller oval you have made like shown in photo one.

Now make the pattern shown in photo two making sure there are no gaps between the flags otherwise it won't work.

When you have made the 4x4 circle you can click the inside of it and then remove the flags.

Keep doing this for all the features on the face.

Step 4: Finishing It Off.

Now it is time to make all the flags you have on screen into question marks, do this by right clicking on each one once.

It should turn out like photo 1.

Now put a flag in every blue square inside the face, from this point you have two options:

  1. Leave it as is and enjoy it like photo 2,
  2. Or you can click a mine and change the blue:red into red:grey like photo 3

Whatever you choose, it is up to you.

Than you for reading, please share and enjoy!

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    Cute technique! The different colors that get communicated from the different minesweeper markers is pretty neat.