Introduction: Small Knex Gun

what you've all been waiting for... the small and yet still effective gun.

Rarely or never jams
Easily moddified

Tell me when you build it!


white: 15
blue: 14
long gray/black: 5
green:  16 (plus more for bullets)

yellow: 18
orange: 10 (be prepared to cut one with a chisel, file, saw, sandpaper etc)
green: 1
dark blue: 6
light grey: 8
grey: 9
white: 4

y pieces: 10
tan clips: 5
blue spacer: 18-20

Step 1: Putting It Together: the Magazine

Step 2: Barrel

when it comes to the barrel, if you have extra pieces and missing pieces, you can easily and comfortable insert your own.  I'll notify which pieces are important and cannot be changed in the pictures

Step 3: Handle and Trigger!

this part is pretty straight forward... just follow the pictures

Step 4: Attaching It All Together

once again, very straightforward!

Step 5: Final Touches

5 more minutes!

Step 6: Loading and Firing

It's pretty easy.. but here's a video... you may not be able to see the bullet...

Step 7:

please give a comment, question, or concern... your advice is really important, especially since this is my first instructable