Mini Alcohol Camping Stove



Introduction: Mini Alcohol Camping Stove

Here is a cool little alcohol stove that is easy to make but produces a lot of heat. I used small cans in this design however the concept can be replicated with cans of other sizes, I recommend regular coke or beer cans but I used slightly smaller tonic water cans. I hope you enjoy building your own stove. These are safe if built correctly however if used irresponsibly or incorrectly they DETONATE. However this shouldn't happen as long as you are careful

Step 1: Materials and Tools

For this project you will need, a ruler, a sharp hobby knife, a sharpie, two cans, and a drill or hole punch/needle. Some other things can be handy such as a book. I forgot to show in the picture but you will need JB Weld ( may be not necessary),

Step 2: Cutting the Cans

On your first can, draw a mark with the sharpie half the length up of the straight section of the can, so not including the lips at the top and bottom. Then mark the top just before the lip on the top of the can. This is where you will be cutting. For the second can you will need to repeat this but not the top mark. To cut a perfectly straight line, I stack books and put a razor blade in between the pages so it is protruding outside at the height of where the first mark needs to be. Put this rig on a smooth, flat surface and roll the can against the book so the the razor blade scores a straight line at that level. Change the level of the blade for each mark and then score along all of the lines so that there is a level score at each of the marks. Once there is a score at least 1/4 of the thickness deep, you can push in the cans where the scores are. Do this gently so that you do not dent the can, once there is an opening across the score lines, you will be able to peel away the two bottom halves and the strip of aluminium. You should be left with two bottom halves and a strip of metal with the same width as the heigh of the halves. Now should be a good time to sand any rough edges of the metal.

Step 3: Modifying the Bottom Half.

This step may seem pointless but it is crucial if your stove is not to crack when putting it together. With a knife, cut slits going from the top of the bottom half to about 1cm above the complete bottom. I made four of these evenly spaced apart, you could look at it like one slit at N, S, E, W. The position of these can be slightly approximate. Next, at the bottom of each cut, hole punch or drill a hole at the bottom of each cut. If you use a drill, I can recommend putting something hard supporting the inside of the can where you are going to make each hole. I put the top half of the can in side the slitted bottom half. If you drill the holes, use a bit with a similar diameter of a hole punch hole.

Step 4: Assembling the Stove

In this step you will need JB Weld or some other heat resistant metal cement. You may be able to complete the stove with out it but the results won't be as good. Make a small quantity of JB Weld and spread it across your strip of can along the edges, put this inside the smaller can with slits and holes. It will have a 'memory' of being in a cylindrical shape so it should push out so citing snugly in the inside. Next put some JB Weld on the outside of the slitted can and push it into the untouched upper half. It should fit easily without cracking because of the holes and slits we added, make sure that the top half is level and let it dry for twenty four hours. You stove is nearly done!

Step 5: Making the Gas Outlets

This step is easy, make a dot at the centre of the top can. Here punch a hole (or drill one) so that it is about the diameter of a large needle. Then, with a needle or a small drill bit, make approximately 8 holes along the ring like in the picture. Your stove is finished!

Step 6: Lighting the Stove

As fuel I use methylated spirits, or 'heet' if you live in America. Most concentrated alcohols will work, (like methylated spirits). Pour your fuel into the top dish with the one small hole and let it drain through the hole into the can, I normally do this several times. Then put a small coin over the hole and pour some more fuel into the dish making sure some reaches the smaller holes. Light that and it should burst into flames quickly, the flames will be yellow and not steady in the beginning but as they spread to within the can the flame should die down until it is like a hob on a gas cooker/oven. Enjoy this stove but make sure to be careful.

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