Introduction: Mini Altoids Urban Survival Tin

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I love the idea of a "survival" kit in an Altoids tin but for me the normal Altoids tin was too large to carry around in my pocket all the time and it was too heavy. I didn't need things like a fish hook or water proof matches. I just needed a few emergency items.

I wanted something small and suited for my normal every day activities in an urban setting. Looking around I discovered the Altoids "smalls" tin. I found it perfect for my needs. Just the right size for my pocket but big enough to carry the few items I wanted.

Step 1: Adding Your Items

For me the following items fit snugly in the tin while giving me a few things I might need in an "emergency" situation:
  • a light source (LED mini light, preferable red for night vision)
  • a flame/fire (mini butane lighter)
  • emergency cash ($60 US)
  • cutting implement (straight edge razor)
  • multi-tool (pliers, flat-head and Philips screwdriver)
  • rubber bands (general purpose use and to hold the lighter on the tin)
Placement of items in the Altoids tin:
  • Fold up the three $20 bills as shown then place into the bottom of the tin one of the $20 bills
  • Put in the straight edge razor near the top of the bottom of the tin on top of the $20 bill
  • Place the multi-tool on top of the razor
  • Put the LED light on top of the multi-tool
  • Put the two remaining $20 bills into the top of the lid
Close the lid. It might pop up slightly because of the cash but this will be taken care of in the last step.

Step 2: Inside the Tin

The main compartment of the tin holds a $20 bill folded, a straight edge razor, the multi-tool and the LED light. The top of the tin holds two folded $20 bills.

Step 3: Completing the Tin

Finally use the two #64 rubber bands to wrap around the tin with the butane lighter on one side as shown, with the label side facing the tin. This adds friction to keep the lighter from sliding back and forth. I wrapped each rubber band around three times. Any slight issue closing the lid caused by the cash will be taken care of after the rubber bands are in place.

That's it, that's your mini urban survival tin that fits easily into your pocket without taking up too much room!