Introduction: Mini Apple Lisa Using a Raspberry Pi

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In this instructable,I will show you how I builded a mini replica of the Apple Lisa

Step 1: Tools and Materials

For this,you will need:
-A raspberry pi(i used the raspberry pi 3B+ but you can use any pi excpt the zero and zero W)
-A 3D printer(for the case)
-A raspberry pi lcd (I used the Waveshare 2.8A for RPI)
-A cable to connect the pi to the lcd
-A micro SD card over 8GB
-A hot glue gun

Step 2: The Case

You will need to 3D print the case:
After you printed it,remove any support material

Step 3: Testing the Pi

You need to put noobs or retropie on a ln sd card and see if the pi works.After that,you need to install the driver for the lcd

Step 4: Assambly

Now you can start assabmbleing the case,hot gluing the case,lcd and the raspberry pi.I used some magnets on the top so I can remove the top cover off easily
You might want to connect the lcd using a cable(depends on wich lcd are you using)

Step 5: You Are Done

That's it.Big thanks to Option8 on thingeverse for creating the case.If you want to see more projects,you can check my youtube chanel:
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