Introduction: Mini Audio Amplifier for £10

Welcome to this instructable where I will show you how to make a Audio Amplifier from modular parts from ebay!

The sound quality is amazing and has a variable volume!

It is remote control and button controled if you lose the remote.

Soon I will show you how to transmit sound by Laser so stick around to see it!

Step 1: Step One! Items!

I am sorry but I could not provide any links so a discription should help!

TDA7297 Power amplifier module double channel

Remote control SD USB FM MP3 audio player module USB WMA

a switch (i use a toggle switch!)

Buck converter

A 9-12v power supply (I already Have!)

And thats all!

Step 2: Main Amplifier Board!

Please remove the pins and power jack shown. Then solder wires to where the pins and jack were.

solder the 3 wires from the Music speakers USB the ones that say RO GND LO solder them to the man amp board on pins 1in-LO 2in-RO and GND-GND. then put the wires from the power jack on to the jack you removed except for the one at the back that goes to the center pin. put the switch between that.

add a wire to the side of the switch that is nearest to the amp board. then solder this to the pos in of the buck converter. and another wire to the neg of the buck going to the pin on the side of the buck.

Step 3: Wiring the Buck to the Face!

By now the buck should have a pos and neg wire to it on the in side.

now attach a volt meter and using the pot set the buck to 5v.

now disconect the voltmeter and solder the power wire from the face (check polarity it tells you underneath! dont trust the wire coulor code as it is wrong sometimes. you should now be able to attach a speaker to the main board through the green screw terminals (polarity underneath!) and plug it in and try it out!

Step 4: Done!!!

you should now have a fully functioning Audio Amplifier!

If you want a case you can make one...

I may make a new project on the case.

anyway, tara until next time!!

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