Introduction: Mini-Basketball

Draw the back wall (20x18) and both sides (each 20x9) on the cardboard and cut it out with the cutter.
Take the orange paper and cover the parts. Glue a piece of white paper to the back wall. This is the board of a basketball hoop.

Then take the brown paper and cover the lid of the box.


hot glue, lid of a shoe box, cutter, glue stick, scissors, 2 ice cream sticks, a piece of plasticine, rubber ring, one bottle cap, sticker, styrofoam ball, brown paper to cover the box, small plastic cup, orange paper to cover the sides, carton,

Step 1: That's How It Works

Draw the width of the back wall on the lid and cut it with the cutter.

Insert the back wall through the slot and glue the side walls with the hot glue gun.

Halve an ice cream stick. Attach half and an entire popsicle stick with a rubber ring. Now put the plastillin between both stems.

Now glue the bottle cap onto the upper part of the stem. Finally glue the finished construct on the lower half of the lid. Attach the plastic cup to the basketball board.

Take a polystyrene ball and try to hit the basket. Have fun!