Introduction: Mini Blowgun Tutorial

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Okay so the two people who commented on my last instructable are awesome and you should really take a look at their channels. But anyways, I will now make a tutorial on how to make the mini blowgun shown in my last instructable.

- materials-
1 small hollow cylindrical object (I used a browning the boss 55/70 arrow shaft... Bend before use lol)
Optional - one bottle cap about the size of a Hawaiian Punch cap and I will show you how to make darts in my next video

Step 1: The Really Really Hard Part

Okay prepare yourself cause you might not make it through this part with all of your fingers. No I'm just kidding just be careful cause you will be using a knife. DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsible for any damage caused with this object it is not a toy!! And trust me you do not want to be dumb with a sharp object and be known as Nubby for the rest of your life.

Okay so basically cut or drill a hole through the bottle cap and put it on the cylindrical object you have chosen as your nucleus for this project. ( haha laugh all you want at my science humor but at least I'm paying attention in school.) then make a bunch of small holes integer bottle cap evenly spaced. (Or not). And there you have it your blowgun. I have yet to test this on a living animal outside yet because it is -3 degrees outside today but please if your not a lisenced redneck don't go out and shoot a deer. Mainly because your friends won't believe you when you say you shot a deer and it bit you in the nose instead of dying and if your life goal is killing deerzilla then don't use this.

Step 2: Tips

Longer is better and I mean the arrow shaft not you know what for those of you with dirty minds.

Make a 't' sound when you exhale. It will propel the dart much further that just going pppaaahhhh.

NEVER inhale with you mouth on the blowgun!!!!!

Random picture of my favourite gun.