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Introduction: Mini Boredom Buster Kit

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These little boredom-buster kits are perfect for keeping kids entertained on car rides, airplanes, and long waits at the doctor's. I knew I would have loved this as a kid! Feel free to make any variations. This is my first tutorial so I hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

You will need

-Altoids tin
- Mini crayons, markers, and/or coloured pencils
-Mini chalk
-Chalkboard tape/paint
- mini post it notes
-glue or double sided tape
-opaque marker (optional)

Step 2: Chalkboard Sections

The first (and best!) part of this project is the chalkboard top. You can paint the top of the ti with paint, or like I did, cover it with chalkboard tape. I traced the shape onto the back of the tape and then stuck it on. (See pictures) You can also add a washi tape trim.

Step 3: Post-it Sketch Book

This part is easy. Take your mini post-it notes and stick them onto the inside of the tin using strong glue or double-sided tape. Let dry if you need to. Take a look at the photo for reference.

Step 4: Optional Tic-tac-toe Board

This part is up to you, but I think it 's fun. You could also make a hangman board. Just take some chalkboard tape, put it beside the post-its, and use an opaque permanent marker to draw a tic tax toe board. Play using normal chalk.

Step 5: Filling the Tim

Finally, fill the tin with your mini colours. You're good to go! Have fun!

You can also replace the chalkboards with whiteboards and whiteboard markers if you'd rather!

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    Mine includes, crayons, mini post its, minu chalk, a half dollar coin and a tattoo


    7 years ago

    awesome it's so simple but neat!


    7 years ago

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone :)


    7 years ago

    Cute! Fits in my purse. Keeps everyone happy!