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Introduction: Mini Bowl Dessert

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Summer is here and it calls for an easy but elegant dessert for any special occasion. A Minnie bowl stacked with strawberries, a delicious cake, creamy Nutella and to top it off heavenly fluffed homemade merengue frosting. Small, cute and of course easy to make!


Fresh Strawberries
Cake, already done
White cane sugar
Hershey’s king size chocolate bar
 4 egg whites
 ½ Cup of White cane sugar
*P.S. If you don’t want to do the merengue, SKIP IT! Instead buy canned whip-cream or cool whip.


Potato peeler
Bowl and whisk, if doing the merengue
Glass mini bowl
Ziplock bags
Round cookie cutter

Step 1: Strawberries

Cut strawberries in slices or squares and sprinkle a little bit of sugar to get those juices flowing. Set aside.

Step 2: Cake

Take some already done cake, it can be made from box-cake mix or bought at any grocery store, and the cut into slices. After that use a cookie cutter to pierce the slices and get small circles.

Step 3: Nutella

To do this step the Nutella has to be at room temperature and slightly drippy so it will be easier to manage. If not, popped that thing in the microwave! Take a ziplock bag and fold it inside our a bit so you can spoon the Nutella better with less of mess. After pouring the Nutella in the bag, seal it and start moving the Nutella with your hand to one corner of the bag. This will make piping the Nutella inside the mini glass bowl easier. Set aside until we have every ingredient done.

Step 4: Chocolate Shavings

Take the Hershey’s chocolate bar and store in freezer on top of ice for about 15 min or less. When it’s hard enough take out and using the potato peeler start shaving the chocolate bar from the sides to get some chocolate shavings, tore in the fridge afterwards. You can use chocolate baking bars because they are much harder, but buying a normal chocolate bar is way cheaper sometimes and you can get to eat the leftovers! With that done we move onto the last step before mounting our dessert.

Step 5: Merengue

Like I said before you don’t necessarily need to make the merengue, if you don’t have time or muscle to put this thing together just buy whip cream at the supermarket. But if you want to try, use ½ cup of white cane sugar and pour into a bowl. Then crack some eggs and separate the egg whites from the yolk, discard the yolks into the sink while running water is on and clean the area after. DO NOT discard the egg whites! Pour the egg whites onto the sugar and start whisking as fast as you can or use an electronic mixer, but please do not over whisk or you will get lumpy white stuff! And what we want is smooth creamy merengue. Also you can add ¼ tsp. of white vanilla or almond extract before mixing. To check if the merengue is done try to make peaks with it, if it stands tall then my friends it is done.

Step 6: Mounting

Take the strawberries and putt the in the bottom of the mini bowl. With your hand move them around so they stick to the walls of the bowl.

Then set up the cake over the strawberries. Here we take the ziplock filled with Nutella and we snip the tip off the bag so we can pipe it on top of the cake.

After that we take the merengue and spoon it in a ziplock, like we did before with the Nutella, push the merengue to one side and snip the tip and pipe it on the Nutella filling the mini bowl up to the top.

Take the chocolate shavings from the fridge and put on top of the merengue. All done!

Step 7: End Product, Enjoy!!!

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I know! Its was super fun! I did it with a friend and had so much fun :) I think this made the dessert taste awesome!


    10 years ago on Step 7

    wow. good taste. Other recommendation?


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 7

    you can use chocolate cake, chocolate mouse, other berries if u like.
    If u want a tropical twist use pineapple cake and coconut flavored meringue and on the top roasted coconut flakes!
    Instead of whipped cream or meringue use ice cream!!!! any type of ice cream.
    And one idea I friend told me is that you can use Sara Lee pound cake, Which you can fiend at the grocery store! :) use ur imagination u can mix and match!