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Introduction: Mini Bug Condo Under an Hour Project

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An insect hotel is a manmade structure created from natural materials intended to provide shelter for insects. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the specific purpose or specific insect it is catered to.

Step 1: Get Some Wood

I had a 1x1 left over I cut four 8 inch and one 2 inch section

Step 2: Put It Together

I used the small piece of wood to attach the 8 inch pieces too, WEAR EYE PROTECTION

Step 3: Drill Some Holes - Wear Eye Protection

Drill some holes, should be big enough for a pen or pencil to fit in. Protect those eyes! Wear eye protection.

Step 4: Add Eye Hooks, Some Swag and Some Straw

Add eye hooks or some way to hang or mount this.

Mason Bees and some others pull straw into the hole the live in, so you should add some straw, pine straw that has been softened like the pine straw in the driveway all soft, or grass hey, the smaller the better

Add a little swag to make it your own.

Notes : Place your Bug hotel up in a mostly sheltered, part shade area of the garden or yard, away from wind. most solitary bees want the sunnier Spots

Step 5: Wear Eye Protection

Do it!

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