Introduction: Mini Bullet Pendant

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Hey guys, as some of you may know, I'm an out of state college student, I live in an apartment, and as such I have very limited access to my normal tools (for now), so keep in mind that this project could be done much more efficiently. For this project, I'm taking a bullet shell out of my brass bag (I have little bags in my apartment with different metal scraps) and a little piece of pewter that I found at work (I work maintenance at my apartment complex so I find all sorts of weird stuff while doing my morning rounds) and making a small 'silver' bullet necklace.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

-jewelers saw
-tin can (to melt the pewter in)
-stove top or torch
-JB weld

-source of pewter
-bullet shell
-bullet tip form
-something to make a mold out of
-clear coat
-(Optional) gold spray paint

Step 2: Making the Shell

Using the jewelers saw, cut the front part of the shell off. I wanted the bullet to be short, but you can decide on the length. It's helpful to hold the part you're cutting off with the pliers or a vise. After cutting it, sand it down to the finish you like, or just shoot it with a few coats of gold paint and clear coat.

Step 3: Make a Mold

I found that a spare earbud rubber would make the perfect bullet tip, so I put it on the end of a pen and coated it in JB weld to add rigidity. Then I pressed it into my mold material (I used salt because I don't have anything better at the moment) and sprayed the salt with water to help the mold stay together. When it dries it will keep its form.

Step 4: Melt and Pour

This is the simple part, just put your piece of pewter in the can and put it on the stove for about a minute. The pewter will melt and then you can carefully pour it into your mold. Let the casting cool and then pull it out of the mold.

Step 5: Shape the Tip

Take your rough casting and the saw and cut off the excess. I sped it up by finishing the cut with a hammer and chisel. Then using a file, shape it into a bullet tip shape. Once you flatten the end, drill a hole in it and insert a screw temporarily. You can then put the screw into a drill and use it to mimic a lathe to shape the tip easily. Once done, remove the screw and move on to the next step.

Step 6: Prep for the Pendant Loop

Drill a hole in the end of the shell, using the divet left by the firing pin as a guide. Poke a wire of your choice through, I used copper wire since that's what I had. Shove some JB weld into it and let that set to keep the wire in place.

Step 7: Make Sure It Looks Right and Epoxy in Place

Put the bullet onto the shell to make sure it matches the edge and looks good, and then fill the rest of the shell with JB weld and stick the bullet on. Wipe away any excess epoxy.

Step 8: Make the Loop

After a day, the epoxy will be hardened and we can make the necklace loop. Just make a loop with some pliers and snip the excess wire and that's it.

Step 9: Finished!

Put it on a chain and you're done! Enjoy the necklace. Again, this could be a much prettier project, I just didn't have the right tools for the job.

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