Introduction: Mini Catapult for Kids 2.0

Hi All,

Christmas times, I wanted to gift a toy to my son which he could enjoy and get him involved while making it.

During the build, my son ( 8 yrs) helped me with tools and paint work. Good way to teach kids some basic carpentry

In this intructable I will share my how to make mini catapult for kids. Without using nails or screws ( well almost, I used just 2 nails and 1 screw for the build) And using hand tools.

So anyone could try to make this at home, who do not have professional power tools

The design is for people with basic knowledge in carpentry, For beginners refer to my catapult v1

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • 0.75" x 0.25" Wood strip (5 ft long)
  • PVA glue or fevicol
  • Cotton Yarn
  • 1 Wooden skewer
  • Spherical cap / Lid (cadbury gems surprise )


  • Hex saw with miter box ( Must )
  • Acrylic paint ( Brown and Green)
  • Paint brush
  • Sand Paper

Step 2: Wood Cutting

Cut Wooden strip into following sizes

  • Bottom Long Pieces - 8 inches - 2 nos
  • Bottom short Pieces - 4 Inches - 3 nos
  • Arm - 6 Inches - 1 no
  • Side frame - 4 Inches - 2 nos
  • Top rest -5 inches
  • and one wood strip approx 3.5 inches, But we need to adjust based on how good cuts we make

We need to make 0.25" groves to interlock two wooden pieces. I used paper tape to hold the pieces together and then made the groves.
Please note the direction of wood grain. If not done correctly the piece goes bad and we need to start over for that piece.
The Middle bottom piece holds long and the side frame, so the grove is 10 mm and interlocked from bottom side.
Fix a lid on the arm as shown.

I have added Sketchup

Step 3: Painting and Assembly

Apply PVA glue and interlock each piece as shown, Let the catapult rest for 3 hrs.

Paint the catapult with acrylic colors of your choice. Use clear coat or varnish if you want. I gave it to my son to paint...

Use thick cotton thread across the catapult arm and the bottom long sides and small pieces of skewers.

Since my thread was not strong and thick, I had to loop it 4 time. Do not keep loose thread, it causes the skewers to slip or loosen

Twist or wind the the tread using skewers by moving in forward directions. I could twist the skewer for 7 times before the thread snapped

Test the the catapult is working.

Handover to your kid for playing

Let me know if you like this project

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