Introduction: Mini Cell Phone Mount

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This is an Instructable for building a Cell phone mount for a Mini (the Brand) Automobile. I had already built a magnetic phone mount for my Miata using the Sugru Magnetic mount kit, and I needed a way to mount my Cell phone in my new (to me) previously used mini.

The Instructable that gave me the idea is here:

When looking at Mini Car mounts, I realized that there are many different kinds of mounts, but you can spend greater than $100 or certain cell phone mounts, all of which are engineered very well and well written up on Mini Forums.

The issue with mounting a phone in the Mini, is that there is not a lot of flat area on the dash to mount it to, and have access to the power supply way down at the floor of the car. There are mounts that are adjustable "ball" types that gave me the Idea, but I wanted to go the thrifty method.

Step 1: What You Need to Do This.

What is required to build this is followed:

1) Sugru Magnet kit ( or you could use Sugru and your own magnets.)

2) One Marble ( this was part of an assortment from a dollar store)

3) Alcohol to clean the surfaces and the Marble (for good Sugru Adhesion).

A place to mount the Marble that allow good vision and accessibility to the rest of the car.

In the picture inside the car, I needed to allow room for the upper glove box to open.

A small bowl or cup of water for smoothing out the Sugru after installing it.

Step 2: Mounting With Sugru

The first part of the installation should be mounting the magnet to the back your cell phone case. As I had already done one of these in a different vehicle, mine was already mounted on my phone case.

Once you have done that, place the new magnet on the one mounted you your cell phone case. This allows you to determine the position of your marble to mount. I chose to place the marble in a place that allowed the side of the phone case to to rest on the speedometer to minimize vibration.

Clean the area where you will be placing the Sugru, and the Marble with the alcohol

Take your Sugru out of package and divide this in thirds. Use two pieces to mount the Marble and get it fixed to the dash board.

Take the magnet off the Magnet on the phone ( note the polarity of the magnet, you want it to attract the magnet on the phone, not repel it) and mount it to the marble.

Use the water in the cup on your finger tips and smooth out the Sugru. If you skip this step, you'll regret how it looks in the future, and hate yourself for skipping it every time you look at it.

Wait for it to dry for 12-24 hours.

Step 3: Enjoy Your New Phone Mount.

With the Sugru hardened you can enjoy your new Mobile phone mount.

Hope you enjoyed my first Instructable