Introduction: Mini Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Desserts

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What better way to treat your loved ones that making them these mouth-watering Chocolate & Strawberry mousse mini desserts?

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So lets get baking!

Step 1: Ingredients:

170 g (6oz) Dark Chocolate

240 g (8.5oz) Fresh Strawberries

100 g (3.5oz) Butter

150 g (5oz) Mascarpone

1 Tablespoon Icing Sugar

Makes: 12 bite-size desserts
Time: 15 -20 mins

Step 2: Directions:

1. Melt the chocolate & butter over a pot of simmering water (bain-marie).

2. Place cupcake paper cups in a muffin tray, if you have one. If not, place the cups onto a tray that can fit into your freezer.

3. Pour the melted chocolate in the cups. Don’t pour too much – just cover the bottom of the cups. Shake the muffin tray several times to get nice smooth and even surface, if needed. Once done, place them in your freezer for 15 minutes or until set.

4. For the strawberry mousse:

5. Puree washed strawberries in a food processor. In a medium bowl combine 2/3 of the pureed strawberries with mascarpone cheese and icing sugar (use a mixer for best results).

6. Fill a piping bag (fitted with a star nozzle tip) with the mousse.

7. Take out the cupcake cases from your freezer. Remove the cases. Place them on a serving plate/tray. Pipe the mousse onto the chocolates (any way you like), top with purred strawberries & chocolate shavings!

8. Store in the fridge before serving!

9. Enjoy!

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