Introduction: Mini Clay Figure: Squirtle

About: Whitworth Grad. Michigan Student. Future Librarian.

I was inspired by Pokemon Go and photos of clay Pokemon charms to make my own. Here are the steps I used myself and shared with kids grades K-5.

Step 1: Gather Clay

For this project, you will need polymer oven bake clay in several colors. I have used both Fimo and Sculpey brands.


1/3 stick blue

1/3 stick white

1/3 stick brown

pinch black

pinch pink

a toothpick

a baking sheet, foil, and an oven for hardening the clay

Step 2: Create the Torso

Split the white clay piece into two chunks; one about 2/3 of the clay and the other 1/3.

Roll the larger piece into a sphere in your palms. Use your fingers and a flat surface to shape into a cylinder.

Step 3: Head and Legs

Split the blue clay into six pieces: one larger piece for the head, four small pieces for the arms and legs, and one slightly larger piece for the tail.

Roll the largest blue piece between your palms into a sphere for the head. Gently press the head onto one flat edge of the white torso.

Roll four small blue pieces into balls as well. Attach to the rounded edge of the white torso as arms and legs.

Step 4: Shell

Roll the brown piece into a ball and use a flat surface (like your table) to flatten into a disc.

Roll the white piece into a snake between your fingers or on a flat surface.

Wrap the white snake around the brown disc, pinching off the excess. This is your shell!

Place the shell on the back of the Squirtle (the side without arms or legs). Gently curve the shell so it wraps around the torso and head.

Step 5: Tail

Roll out the last piece of blue into a thick snake.

Curl the snake around into a swirl on the back of the shell as a tail.

Step 6: Eyes and Cheeks

Pinch off two tiny bits of black and roll them into balls. You may flatten them slightly. Place on the head.

Pinch off two tiny bits of pink and also roll them into balls. Place them just under the eyes.

Step 7: Details on Torso and Shell

Use a toothpick to draw a vertical line and three horizontal lines on the torso.

Then use the toothpick to draw two curved lines on the shell, starting at the edge of the shell and curving inward.

Step 8: Bake Your Figure!

Your Squirtle is now complete! Follow the package directions on your polymer clay for baking and hardening the figure.

I put foil down when I bake polymer clay and gently tent it over the figure.