Mini Corner Table




Introduction: Mini Corner Table

With the leftover wood and metal pieces from my previous media cabinet, I decided to make a small corner table that would complete the set.

What is needed for this project would be

  • 2 x 30x30x1.8CM wooden shelves
  • 3 x 45x4 CM metal bars
  • chisel
  • hand wood saw
  • electric drill with metal head
  • Sand paper (for smoothing the surfaces)

Step 1: Conception

First I wanted to check out how it would look like without building it

So I just puzzled it around. The lower shelf serves for two purposes

1. Stability

2. Storage space once it is built

Step 2: Cutouts and Screwing

In order to make the piece in the same style as the media cabinet, I decided to make the same cut outs in the wood so the flat metal bars would fit in smoothly in the wood.

Once the measurements are done and cut, The drilling and screwing starts.

I made a triangular shape in order to get out of the square shape that is too box like. So I added two bars on the let and right in the front and one back leg in the center to balance it out.

You may want to have perfect symmetry and make it stand on 4 legs.

I used the electric drill in order to drill thru the metal bars and then add the screws to secure the bars to the table top and lower shelves.

Step 3: Final Product

With attention to detail, you need to make sure that the cuts are identical an have the same depth. Failing to do so will result with a skewed table.

With thin sand paper, I polished the top sides and the edges so it would be smooth and make sure no shrapnels are left behind.

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    Nice table. I really like the three leg design. It is always stable on any surface.