Introduction: Mini DIY Guitar Amp

Here's how I turned an old Marshall Mini Amp to a cool looking DIY Amp with just a saw, wood glue, hot glue, soldering iron (optional) and a drill

Step 1: Getting the Electronics

Start by removing the cover of the amp you got. Carefully remove the speakers, electronics and cables. I accidentally ripped out the cables, so I had to go back and solder them into place.

Step 2: Make the Frame

Find the wood you'd like to use. If you get some finished wood boards from a home store, you won't have to saw it down. I had this scrap block of wood that I resawed with my table saw. This could easily be done with any kind of saw including a handsaw, jigsaw or circular saw.

Glue the back and sides together.

Step 3: Reassembly Electronics and Finish!

Drill out the holes for the knobs and the loudspeaker. Find some fabric to cover the large hole and hot glue it ith all the electronics into place. If any of the cables ripped out, just solder them back in to place.

Ciola, you made a DIY guitar amp!