Mini Deadpool Swords



Introduction: Mini Deadpool Swords

Mini Deadpool needs to be armed with more than his scathing whit to fight the baddies. Let's make the him the cutest most deadly katanas ever.

Step 1: Materials and Tools:

1. a chunk of metal about 2.5 in long.
2. Black thread.
3. Super glue.

1. tin snips
2. Grinder
3. sander
4. polisher

Step 2: Cut the Blades:

1. Figure out the size and shape of your blades and draw them on your source material.

2. Using the tin snips cut out your swords.

Step 3: Rough Shape

3. Rough shape the swords on the grinder.

Step 4: Finish Shaping

4. Finish shaping on the sander.

Step 5: Polish Blades

5. Polish blades on polisher.

Step 6: Handles

6. To protect Deadpool's delicate hands we now wrap the ends with the thread to create handles.

Step 7: Secure the Grips.

7. Use the super glue to secure the thread ends.

Step 8: Cutest Most Deadly Deadpool Ever.

Your cutie Deadpool is now armed to the teeth.
Special thanks to my daughter Jessica for use of her awesome mini Deadpool, she did a great job making him.

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