Introduction: Mini Decorative Flowers

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If you happen to have nail polish that is not in use anymore, do not throw it out!

You can bring it to life in an unexpected way by creating flowers in endless shapes and colors!

Those flowers you can use later to decorate anything your heart desires: hair bands, jewelry, hairpins, you can make pictures, use it in other crafts.

They are simple to do and they look beautiful!


Metal wire, nail polish, beads, sponge.

Step 1:

Cut wire, approximately 10 inch

Wrap around pencil and turn it a couple of times.

Step 2:

You can start with beads and then make the petals around the beads or just create as many petals as you wish.

Step 3:

Band the petals, just a bit, on the pencil, to give it more natural look.

Step 4:

Place the wire flowers on the sponge and start covering the petals with nail polish.

Take it slow. Sometimes you need few attempts to cover the petal, but the slower you go, the better the chance you make a layer.

After first layer let it dry about an hour. Now give it another touch of nail polish and create second layer.

Give it to dry over night and cover third time with the nail polish.

Let it dry a few hours.

Your flowers are ready and you can use them in a millions creative ways!

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