Introduction: The Mini Desktop Lathe

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here's how to make a mini desktop lathe!

Step 1: Mini Desktop Lathe

Motor . One to drive and one to act as a stop
A plank
30 v supply or other power source
2 steel bars to guid the small motor
And a clamp or 2

Step 2: Drive Motor

The motor that drives the lathe needs to be bolted squared to the end of the plank I only used 2 bolts so I could loosen one to line Up the motor

Step 3: Guid Rails

just use big staples like the ones you use to secure wires to a wall to hold the bars in place

Step 4: Put the Last Motor On

Put the small motor on the rails and clamp it with the work piece between the two motors

Step 5: Other Steps Optional

you could Grind a fork in to the shaft of the motor to grip the part. ( i did )
you could Add a directional switch (google a schematic) (i did)
And you could bolt it to a table (mines just clamped)

use a motor with more torque (i didn't)