Introduction: Mini Doll/accessory House

Hi everybody! This is a mini house I came up with when I heard that many people don't have toys, and originally I planned to give it to poor people, but it turned out too detailed so it will be simply a home decor 🏠 So as I started doing it long ago, I will not be able to show the materials, but you will see them during the process. I cut out the little wood pieces out of big wood (which was originally cut in half to make it thinner).


A lot of wood

A lot of glue



Step 1: Making the Little Parts

It may be only 2 steps, but you don't know how hard it is to make each of them, especially this step. So here we use most of our materials. These little stuff are the furniture.

Step 2: Putting Everything Together

Now we will take everything we made in the last step (super little details like carpets and little plants are not shown) and place them inside the walls in 3 floors.

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