Introduction: Mini Doughnut Bites

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for quite some time i searched for the perfect doughnut recipe. too far from any shops to get a dose of sugary fried dough, i had to come up with my own
months of  undercooked doughs and burnt batters led (with thanks to our bread machine) to my first 'ible
a photo of my homemade churro doughnuts
this makes a denser, heavier doughnut, so came the new, bite-size variety :)

but, i couldn't stop there, the recipe, the shape was not quite what i wanted.
now, i bring to you, my tried and tested recipe
mini doughnut bites!

little round doughnut "holes" covered in a cinnamon and sugar mix and complete with two optional chocolate sauces
anybody health conscious, turn back now
anyone else
read on :)

warning- this recipe makes about 50 and they are VERY filling
these would make a good party food!!!

Step 1: Ingredients

i cannot claim the sweet dough part of the recipe, as i got it from my Breville bread machine recipe booklet (and slightly edited it  )
the rest, is my creation :)

sweet dough
290mls warm water
two tablespoons of oil (or butter)
one egg, lightly beaten
one teaspoon salt
two tablespoons sugar
3 1/2 cups bread flour (or self raising)
three tablespoons powdered milk
two teaspoons yeast
oil, for deep frying (canola or other light flavored)
Cinnamon sugar
1/2 a cup of caster sugar (or white, but caster sticks better)
a teaspoon of  cinnamon

milk chocolate sauce
half a block of milk chocolate (150g)
a generous amount of condensed milk (about three tablespoons..)
a splash of milk

white chocolate sauce
about half a cup of white chocolate melts
milk (optional)

bread machine or large mixing bowl
measuring cups
measuring spoons
chopping board
large plate
two small saucepans
small mixing bowl
tongs or slotted spoon
ovenproof lined tray

Step 2: The Dough

For the dough, you can cheat a little. Add ingredients to bread machine (in order listed, unless machine manual says otherwise)
and place on dough setting

If you don't own a bread machine, then add all ingredients to a big mixing bowl and knead until a dough forms.
Leave to rise one hour in a warm place

 because of this i would recommend starting 3/4 hours before you want them :)

Step 3: Shaping

When your dough has risen, prepare cutting board by dusting with a little flour.
with floured hands, place dough on cutting board (knead a little if necessary).

take a lump of dough (about a teaspoon)
and roll between hands until it becomes a small, round ball
these will almost double size during cooking, so don't worry if its a bit small

lay on a greased plate and continue with remaining dough.
when your doing this it will go a lot quicker if you listen to some good music, call a friend or get a family member to hang around and chat :) great if everyone's in the kitchen making dinner

Step 4: Sugar Mix

take a small mixing bowl and add both sugar and cinnamon and mix with a spoon, adding more of either if necessary
(you may need to replace this halfway through cooking, as eventually it gets to wet and won't stick to the doughnuts)
place it next to your stove-top so you can access it quickly as you cook the doughnuts

Step 5: Prepare Your Cooking Area

I would seriously recommend that before you start cooking these, you should set up your area.
get your "cooked doughnuts" dish and place it on the stove
be wary of hot elements
get your cinnamon sugar and  plate of uncooked dough and place them on a surface beside the stove
pre-heat your oven just slightly, so the doughnuts stay warm
get tongs or a slotted spoon and a tablespoon

now, half fill a small saucepan with the oil and place on medium heat.

Step 6: Deep Fry Them!

when the oil is nice and hot, take a ball of dough (you may need to re-shape it) and carefully drop it into the oil
turn it every few minutes until its golden-brown and puffed up
instantly put into the Cinnamon sugar mix and turn around with a spoon until coated
place in dish and continue
(this will be easier with two people)

yet again, this calls for music, phone call or a family member with some spare time on their hands :)

Step 7: Chocolate Sauce: Part One- Milk Chocolate

combine chocolate, condensed milk and milk in a small saucepan and stir over low heat until melted and a thick sauce forms
pour into single serve ramekins ( did i spell that right?) or a nice serving dish
i used a cute mini saucepan

Step 8: Chocolate Sauce: Part Two

I, personally greatly dislike white chocolate
but a few members of my household love it and find the other sauce to rich
for this, simply melt some white chocolate and thin out with milk if desired

Step 9: Enjoy!

Serve hot or cold with or without sauces :)
also great the next morning with coffee or with ice-cream as a dessert

thank you for reading my instructable