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Introduction: Mini Drill Press

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Hi, Everybody.

This is my first instructable. First of all, I wanna made a Drill press, but, with my own design. And, a Plus in this case, that had two options, Manual or Automatic.

In Manual Mode: you can move the drill with a joystick in the Y Axis. Step by Step.

In Automatic Mode: You can move the drill with a joystick in the Y axis. But, the drill automatic will returned to inicial position without press the joystick.

Step 1: Materials

First, this is the list of components that you will need to buy or get to do this Drill Press.

1.- Arduino Nano V3.0

2.- Stepper Motor Nema 17

3.- Easy Driver for Stepper Motor.

4.- LCD Cristal 16x2 with potenciometer 10K.

5.- Switch On/Off

6.- DC Female Plug

7.- 12v 2a DC adapter.

8.- Linear Motion 8 mm Shaft 300 or 400 mm length

9.- 5mmx8mm Motor Shaft Helical Beam Coupler Coupling 18mm Dia 25mm Length

10.- Mounting Bracket for Nema 17 Stepper Motor

11.- Joystick Shield

12.- Push Button Shield

13.- Linear Motion Ball Bearing CNC Slide Bushing 34.5mm Length Pack Of 4

14.- 300mm 8mm Lead Screw ACME Lead Screw and Nut. 3D printer Row Lock

15.- Clamps 2" and 1"

16.- Wood:

1pc. 40cm x 30 cm ( Base Plate).

1pc. 40cm x 7cm

1pc. 40cm x 5 cm

2pc. 30 cm x 7 cm

1pc. 36 cm x 10 cm

1pc. 11cm x 15 cm (for Dremel or MotoTool).

1pc 7cm x 10 cm( for Top for DREMEL or MotoTool).

1pc 40.5cm x 5 cm x 3mm for LCD, PushButton and Joystick.

18.- Screws 1"

19.- Dupont Cables, Drill, carpenter's square, and glue.

Step 2: Build Structure

We need to join the tables 40x30, 40x7, 30x7 and 36x10. for the FLAT BASE.

With the table 40.5cmx5cmx3mm; we have to cut the hole, to put the LCD. And, the hole for Joystick.

We have to put the Linear Motion 8 mm Shaft and 8mm Lead Screw in 90º using the carpenter's square.

Step 3: Connections With Arduino Nano

Let's explain the connectons:

Arduino To Easy Driver

Pin 2 connected to Direction Pin

Pin 3 connected to Stepper Pin.

Pin 4 connected to MS2 Pin.

Pin 5 connected to MS1 Pin.

Pin 6 connecte to SLEEP Pin.

Arduino To LCD

Maybe, some of you have more experience with LCD and IC2. But, I don't want to buy it. so, I used the components that i have.

Pin 7 to d4

Pin 8 to d5

Pin 9 to d6

Pin 10 to d7

V0 to the potenciometer.

VDD, A, Right side of the potentiometer to +5 VDC

VSS, K and Left side of the potentiometer to GND

Joystick To Arduino

+5VDC to +5


VER or VRY to A6

HOR or VRX to A7 (If you want to use it in two axis.)

Push Button To Arduino

S(switch) to A1

+ to +5VDC

- to GND

Final Connections:

Easy Driver to Stepper Motor and DC Adapter.

Wires Red and Blue to Coil A

Wires Green and Black to Coil B

GND and M+ to DC Adapter 12 volts 2 Amp.

NOTE: When all the test will be OK, we have to connect de DC adapter to VIN an GND of Arduino nano.

Step 4: Testing Connections

Take Care to don't do a short circuit, because I did it, and I have to buy other Arduino nano.

The Push Button, will change the machine to Manual or Automatic. take care to connecting this.

The LCD used 5 volts, take care connecting the 12v to stepper motor.

Step 5: Code

The Code it's easy,

I used two brainy-bits tutorials:


Thanks for the collaboration of this knowledge..

Step 6: Video

Step 7: Next Steps...

I'm gonna finish the Work, I only need to put the Mototool and the Clamps to hold it.

And adjust the easy driver and the stepper motor, because it has a small wire.

In a few days I'm going to show you the final project.

Thanks for Read it.

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    3 years ago

    Hey buddy, keep up the good work. Love what you did with the automatic drill press


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    That's a neat drill press :)


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    Thank you =)


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