Introduction: Mini Drill With Router Base

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Dremel with 550rs motor and small stand for some routing jobs

Check the video above for see it working

Material list:

550 motor:

Drill chuck:

Speed controler:

Power jack :

Step 1: Motor and Case

Its a very simple process, find a plastic tube with similar diameter of the motor, drill some holes for air ventilation, fit the motor inside the tube, do small suports for the screws using the tube and secure the motor.

Step 2: Final Steps

Screw the drill chuck into the motor, add the speed controler to the top part using a plastic piece with the necessary holes to fit the speed controler knob, on/off switch and power jack

Step 3: Lets Test It !

this 550 motor as a good amount of torque, is really strong, you can also use the 555 motor because it has the same size, this chuck allow to use nearly all the dremmel acessorys and small drill bits up to 4mm, i also did a small router jig to use with my mini dremmel machine, very usefull i have used in many of my builds.

Tank you for watching !

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