Introduction: Mini Drill

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Hi everyone in this video I will show you How I made my nin drill

using RS775 motor

RS775 motor is really powerful motor with good torque a gear box can also be attached to increase the torque.

Step 1:

Parts list

I used a 44MM empty silicon tube,You can also use a 45 MM PVC pipe

RS775 Motor


10MM collet ( this to connect the 5mm shaft of the motor to the 10MM drill chuck)



Soldering iron to solder the wires

Step 2:

This are the measurement of the motor

Step 3:

This the col let which I Fabricated so that it can fit into the shaft of the motor.

This will connect to the 5mm shaft of the motor & 10MM Drill chuck

Step 4: Taking Measurements

take the measurements & drill holes to place the screws to hold the motor inside pipe

For now I used this empty silicon tube you can use the PVC pipe

took the measurement of the screws of the motor and drilled two holes.

Make some holes for the air to circulate for the fan inside the motor as the motor will heat up and it will require air circulation.

the White Cap what you see in the image was inside the silicon Tube So I though I could make some use of it

I took the Measurements for drilling a hole to place the Switch

Step 5: Connect the Wires to the Motor As Per Polarity

On the RS775 motor there a red mark to

indicate the + lead . so power the motor accordingly and connect the wire accordingly

ideally in my case the bits i used the motor has to turn counter clock wise in order for the drill to work

Step 6: Solder the Wires

I connected the Wires to the motor and made holes on the white cap which will allow the wires to pass by and air to circulate.

Step 7: Place the Motor Into the Pipe

I Inserted the motor inside the pipe

and secured the motor tightly with the two screws

Step 8: Connect the Switch

I used a

Fancy vinyl to cover the pipe & soldered the wires to the switch

Once everything in place do a test run using a 12 volt battery or a 12 volt power supply to check if its working

Step 9: Connect the Drill Chuck to the Shaft

Once you're sure there is no loose contact and wires are soldered correctly then connect the Collet an 10mm Drill chuck

Now I inserted the connector which I showed earlier on the shaft of the motor & tightened it with allen key

Step 10: Testing Time

Yes Its Working

This is really silent
compared to a normal drill.Its good for Drilling into Brick Wall,wood & Acrylic. Can also be used for buffing.

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