Introduction: Power Tool Egg Sandwiches

Please watch the video for full details.

materials needed:
2 large eggs
1 tomato
parmesan cheese
french baguette

tools needed:
circular saw
power drill (3/8" bit)
palm sander (80 grit sandpaper)
router (straight cut bit)
cutting board
putty knife
utility knife
eye/ear protection

Step 1: Preparation

1. Slice to the baguette with the circular saw.
2. Cook the eggs, using the torch, in the pan. Stir well with the spatula.
3. Toast the bread.

Step 2: Assembly

4. Place egg on top of a slice of toast.
4. Grate parmesan cheese with the palm sander, add toast, then clamp the sandwich until the cheese sets.
5. Garnish with tomato slices. Serve the sandwich with fresh drilled - I mean, squeezed - grapefruit juice.

Enjoy your breakfast!

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