Mini Emergency Kit

Introduction: Mini Emergency Kit

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This kit is great for camping, fishing, hunting, or anytime. This kit is a mini survival kit. I made one for the 2015 tornado season. It has a few essentials that can be used to survive a disaster. Remember though for severe weather get down on a low level area and make sure to protect your head.

Step 1: Picture This.

Your family is out having a great time camping. Weathers great, until the evening... your then hear sirens from the local areal. You grab your mini kit and family, dive into a ditch and an F4 twister tears apart your campsite and others around. You turn on your battery radio and listen to the weather and get an all clear. You were prepared. you survived.

Step 2: What to Carry

What I carry in my kit.

Knife - very universal tool

granola bars - at least a box about 6 remember expiration dates!

Cash - I keep mine sealed in a jar

rope - at least a few 10ft pieces( you never know what you'll need it for)

on the clip I carry compass, flint and steel, and a whistle

battery/crank radio - great for hearing updates

and most importantly I carry a first aid kit

not pictured bars and radio

Step 3: Did I Miss Anything?

If you think I need more comment. visit my website (More coming soon on the site)

Thank you for reading!!!

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    6 years ago

    You'll want to add water or some way to obtain it.


    Reply 6 years ago

    I can't believe I forgot water lol thanks

    The Pencil Guy
    The Pencil Guy

    6 years ago

    This could save lives. Thanks for sharing.