Introduction: Mini Fan

Hi friends this is your new friend I have made a mini fan.

Let's make it!

Materials Required:

  • A Scissor
  • A 9V battery
  • Two water bottle
  • Two different coloured wires
  • A DC motor
  • A switch
  • Glue gun
  • Match box
  • Candle
  • A cutting Blade
  • Battery connecter
  • Soldering Machine

Step 1: Bottle

Take a bottle and cut it in two parts.

Using scissor and cut the first portion of the bottle in eight equal parts.

Step 2: Wing

Using match box light the candle. Take the wings using candle bend the wings inwards.

As show in the above image.

Step 3: Make Wing

Using glue gun and bottle cap stick the cap on DC Motor.

Stick the two bottle cap as shown in the image.

Step 4: Wiring

After fixing like that take two wires.

Step 5: Circuit

Now solder the wires to the battery and switch.

Connect the wires carefully as shown in the image.

Step 6: Final Step

Finally it looks like this you can on the switch.

Thank You!

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