Introduction: Mini Fan

Welcome to the world of mini devices and gagets all of wich are functional this is the mini fan a farley simple instructible that requires only a few parts. if put to gether well can actualy produce a nice breeze. you will need needle nosed pliers super glue and a tin snipper.

Step 1:

For the first step you have to gather the parts required for the build this is what you need. Tin from a soup can or thin steel or thin copper, insulated wire, a small electric motor, a gear from a modern day watch, a switch,  

Step 2:

Building the fan blades. Take some good scissors or tin snippers and cut out the blades and you also need a gear as mentioned in the intro.

Step 3:

now glue the blades to the gear use super glue for this you can have to or more blades its up to you. put a dab of glue on the blade and place it on the gear be cautious dont glue it to your self.once attached put some glue in any crevaces to strengthen it.

Step 4:

next take some needle nosed pliers place the blades in the pliers be shure that the glue is dry with your fingers twist the end of the blade giving it a slant do this to the ends of all the blades.

Step 5:

one you have finished the proppeler take the prop and slide it on to the motors axel there is no glue required for this step that is if the gear fits properly you might have to try several deferent gears before you find one the fits snuggly on the motors axel.

Step 6:

take same of the metal and cut out a rectangle

Step 7:

bend the rectangle and cut it as shown this is needed for the next step.

Step 8:

glue the switch to the base as shown

Step 9:

and now cut out this part as shown in the picture

Step 10:

bend the new part around the motor as shown look close and you will see four tabs bent together then cut off some of the extra matterial.

Step 11:

connect part to the base of fan use glue to esure that it stays on.

Step 12:

connect wires to the switch

Step 13:

connect the wires to the motor the picture is a little confusing my motor didn't have wires so I just hooked it up in the simplest way I could now just hook it up to a battery and hit the switch.