Introduction: Mini Farm With Solar Powered Wind Mill

This instrucable will show you how to build a cool, solar powered, wind mill.
In this build, I’m using pomegranate seeds but you can use whatever you want. I also show you how to de-flesh the pomegranate seeds if that’s what you choose to use.

Step 1: The Body

In this step I will explain what materials you will need, as well as how to make the body of the wind mill.
.1 thin wood sticks (you can use skewers)
.2 duck tape
.3 small blades
.4 small motor
.5 small solar panel (I got mine from a solar powered van car)
.6 glue gun
.7 pot or something to put your dirt into
.8 potting soil
Then all you need to do is form the sticks into a triangle shape and then tape the top.

Step 2: Adding the Prongs

Now you need to cut two small prongs from the skewer and place it between the sticks

Step 3: Tape

Now just add tape over the sticks to hold it into place.

Step 4: Motor

Now just put the blades on the motor and glue it on the top of the sticks.

Step 5: Solar Panel

Now put the wires on the metal part of the solar panel. Hold them with small pieces of tape

Step 6: Solar Pole

Now tape the solar panel with the motor to a stick.

Step 7: Time to Pot

Now just put the wind mill in a pot with dirt and push it down a little.

Step 8:

Step 9: Planting

Make 2-3 lines in the dirt and place the seeds i in the lines spaced apart. Dropp some water on them then your done! Congrats on your new solar farm!