Mini Fishing Kit

Introduction: Mini Fishing Kit

 so this is my first instructable so if  anybody has any suggestions leave a comment.
So i live in kissimmee and i always go fishing in lake toho(Tohopekaliga) and i get the on bike and i already have a fishing pole mount on the bike(i will make an instructable on that soon) so i needed a scaled down version of my tackle box with just the things i need. then i came up with this idea so ENJOY.

Step 1: Materials

1.Hooks (i bought at walmart this bass fishing hook pack and it comes withe 4 types of hooks)
2.Zoom Flukes
3.some plastic worms
4.A small crankbait
5.bobber stops(these work well for texas rigs)
6.some swivels with the clip
7. and most importantly the plano double sided stowaway box

Step 2: Materials(2)

 8.lead head hooks
9. eagle claw small snell hooks
10.creme mini tail squidy things
11. and weights

Step 3: Finished

 its finished i made this kit for fresh water but you guys can outfit it for saltwater.

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    8 years ago

    Nice, please check out my guide on bass fishing.


    12 years ago on Step 3

    if this is for freshwater you should consider adding weighted hooks and some smaller hooks. Companies nowadays purposely make way to big hooks for bass so they can charge a lot more. buy some pre-rigged small eagle-claw hooks. they're a lot better