Introduction: Mini Foosball Table

I made this toy for a project we're doing in design class. I decided to make a mini foosball table with two players and a ball. I chose to do this because I really enjoy playing foosball and I thought it would be fun to make a toy that I have fun with. I needed help learning how to use some tools but I figured it out in the end. Now I know how to make a toy for myself.

Step 1: Gather All Your Materials and Tools


-14 nails

-2 Small Wooden Sticks

-Chip wood (thin wood)

-Thick scrap wood

-White Glue

-Small ball



-Fret Saw




Step 2: Cut Out Pieces

Cut out 2 equal rectangles out of the chip wood using a fret saw. Then cut out 2 more equal rectangles but smaller from the chip wood.

Tip: The 4 pieces have to create sides of a box.

Tip 2: While using the fret saw wear glasses for safety and hold the piece of wood down so it doesn't wobble.

Cut out a bottom piece from the thick wood.

(The thick wood would be the bottom of the box.)

Step 3: Create Holes in the Wood

Take one of the larger rectangles and draw a 3 cm wide oval in the middle.

Do the same with the other larger rectangle.

Take the wood and use a router to cut out an oval all the way through.

Tip: Don't have the part you're cutting out on something so the router doesn't cut through it.

Step 4: Put the Box Together

Take the bottom piece and put it into the clamp so the long side is facing up.

Take one of the bigger rectangles and hammer it into the thick wood. Hammer 4 nails into that side. Do the same with the other side.

Take the smaller pieces and hammer them on using 3 nails a side.

Now you have your foosball area.

Step 5: Making the Players

Take a piece of wood and draw a rectangle on it. Draw 2 of these. Using a fret saw cut them out.

Take the small wooden sticks and drill a hole right in the middle using the drill. Take one of the sticks and put them through one of the holes in one player, Make sure the small sticks goes all the way through the other side.

Take some white glue and put it around the stick where your player is going to be stabilised. Slide your player on to the part with the white glue and wait for it to dry.

Step 6: Finishing Up

If you want you can draw a face on to the players.

Take the players with the wooden sticks attached and slide them in the holes on the sides of the box. There should be 2 sides of the wooden stick sticking out on each side for someone to hold.

Now you have your final box!