Introduction: Mini Fridge

So this guy at work got a neat little mini fridge for a can of coke. I thought to myself "I can make one better than that". And so my home made mini fridge was born. It has 3 peltier coolers enclosed is a 4 inch diameter pvc T joint. It's powered (underpowered by about 120 watts) by a 55 watt 5 volt power supply. The power supply was only $6.00 and I couldn't find one more powerful that fit my specifications and was relatively cheap. It cooled the inside down to 68 F when it was 96 F outside. I took it inside and it cooled down to 46 F. Unfortunately I didn't think to make an Instructable until afterwards. I haven't actually made an instructable yet but I think I've got a good one brewing. In the mean time, here are some picture.