Introduction: Mini Grand Hall With Piano Diorama

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Yaaaaay another 'Ible. Sooo this is basically just a diorama of a (mini--like, really mini) grand hall with a piano. And LED lights. Made it for a special person in my community. Hope ya'll like it :)))

Step 1: Cutting the Box

So I just used a 9''x6''x6.5'' (???) (length x width x height) box, and cut out one of the faces and left all the other sides without cutting off the flaps. Don't get rid of the removed side, you'll still need it.

On the back wall (I guess), trace and cut two windows. 5 cm x 11 1/2 cm. I know it says “4x9” but don’t listen to it. It’s a lie.

Step 2: Holes for Light Installations

Lame pic, I know.

As you can see in the pic, there are a couple more drawings of possible spaces, but I decided against them. Simply cut out ONE hole in each wall (this goes for the back wall, too--didn't have a pic . _.) and try to make them exactly across from each other. The way to do this, is to cut the hole in the middle of each bend in the flaps.

Step 3: Coats of Paint

Unless you want the TOTALLY in style brown, dirt walls (thicc sarcasm here), you should probably paint the walls.

Paint all the walls with white acrylic paint and once they dry, make sure to do 1 or 2 more coats of paint. This is to ensure that there are no empty blotches or that any of the brown is visible.

Make sure you paint ALWAYS in the same direction. Up, down, left, right, doesn't matter. But every stroke on each wall has to be in THAT direction. If you change it, it'll look uneven and poorly done.

Step 4: Wood Blocks and “Glass”

To make sure that the walls don't bend and stay sturdy (for a roof), I glued 1.5" x 1.5" wood pieces onto the bends of the outside.

For the “glass” windows, I used a clear plastic sheet cut to size and glued it with a glue gun.

Step 5: Installing LEDs

I bought four LED tea lights because they're the easiest to find, and used three for the diorama. The fact that they have a yellowish glow, along with the flickering, makes it look old and rustic, I guess.
For the cover, I just used normal white paper and glued it to the sides.

Step 6: Floor and Curtains

Measure the floor of the box and cut tile according to the measurements. I used a wood-like tile, and I glued it to the floor with liquid cement.

Cut two straws and each has to be 6 cm long. Glue one black bead on each end and then glue lace to the straw, wrapping it around 2 or 3 times. Cut the lace in half and glue the curtains over the window. Then glue the ends of the lace to the floor so that it won’t be getting stuck on everything.

Step 7: Wall Art

With a black ink calligraphy brush....marker, I drew on lots of swirlies around the lights and windows, and my signature’s hidden in them.

Step 8: Piano & Piano Bench

I went to a craft store and bought a tiny wooden piano, and now I painted it with black acrylic paint. To make it look shiny, I used some kind of varnish for acrylics.
Cut a straw in four equal sections, each 1.5 cm. Paint them black and while they’re drying, cut some black felt and fill it with a little cotton. Glue the ends together and then glue it to thin cardboard. Finally, glue all four legs to the seat and you’re done.

Step 9: Mirror on Ceiling (optional)

Just so that the lights will seem stronger, I glued an oval mirror to the ceiling. It looks nice when the lights are on.

Step 10: Everything in Place

Glue the piano and piano bench to the floor and now you’re done! :)))