Introduction: Mini Grill

A Marshmallow Grill SO You Can Grill & Chill With The Boys.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The supplies that you need include:

1 Lazer Cutter

4 Bolts


S'more Sticks


Graham Crackers



Steel Condiment Cup

Step 2: Draw Out Your Plan

Use Paper or a white board.

Step 3: Figure Out Your Measurements

Figure out how long you would like your laser cut wood to be. Measure how wide your bolts are and lazer cut four holes that are s little bigger than the bolts. Measure your steel cup then make the hole in the wood.

Step 4: Lazer Cut Time

Begin to lazer cut your piece of wood to the appropiate size.

Step 5: Assembly

Put the bolts into the holes and put the cup into the designated hole. Break the tooth picks and put them into the steel condiment.

Step 6: Fun Time

Now put your s'mores together, roast them. Don't Forget to light the toothpicks with the matches.