Mini Guitar

Introduction: Mini Guitar

All the steps you need to know about making a mini guitar on tinker cad.

Step 1: The Materials

These are the materials needed for the mini guitar.

  • Nine cylinders
  • four boxes
  • one sphere

Step 2: Putting Things Together

Pair the cylinder and sphere together so that it looks like the following.

Step 3: Building the Bass of the Guitar

Pair the following Items but remember to whole the side cylinders.

Step 4: Continue of the Construction of the Bass

Add two cylinders on the top of the bass that are the same size. Adjust until they fit correctly.

Step 5: Finishing of the Bass

Finish the bass of the guitar by adding two more big cylinders on the bottom of the bass. adjust them as you please.

Step 6: The Neck of the Guitar

add the wholed cylinder on the bottom of the neck of the guitar.

Step 7: Finishing Touch

Now you can finally group the bass of the guitar so that it looks like this.

Step 8: The End

Now finally add the neck of the guitar onto the bass. Your also going to need to put the cylinder in the center of the bass.

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