Introduction: Mini Gundam Gashapon Figures Display Stand

I have tons of mini gashapon / capsule figures. But a regular bookcase just won't fit them all. And I don't want to add a heavy wooden board just to add more display space for these mini figures. So I came up with these acrylic display stands.

Step 1: Get Clear Acrylic Sheets

The ones I got are 8"x10" for $3.99. I like the Optix ones because they are less reflective when taking pictures.

Main material is the acrylic sheets, assuming you have a hot glue gun, a plastic sheet scoring knife, and a cutting pad already. Otherwise they should be under $10-$15 each.

Step 2: Measuring Desired Sizes

Version 1 (blue):

Material required: 2" x 10" x Qty 6, 6" x 10" x Qty 2. Three of the Optix 8"x10" sheets will do it.

This version requires material and more horizontal space. Yet the middle platform tends to fall back due to the unsupported sheet. Later on I did have to add a few small pieces on the sides just to support the two middle sheets so that they don't fall back.

Version 2 (yellow):

Material required: 2" x 10" x Qty 7, 8" x 10" x Qty 1. Three of the Optix 8"x10" sheets will do it.

This version gives you more display space but required less horizontal space.

Use a acrylic / plastic sheet cutting knife and score on the sheet several times. Once you make a groove about half of the sheet thickness, you can just put the sheet onto the side of a table (flat surface) and carefully snap it off. Make sure you use a cutting pad while cutting the sheets so you don't damage the table.

Step 3: Putting the Sheets Together

Using hot glue, simply glue the sheets together. This is the alternative I found rather than using the expensive epoxy for acrylic sheets. It does not look as clean, but just do it a few times and you should be able to make a cleaner weld.

Step 4: Finishing Stands

Version 1 with four small support pieces on the sides.

Version 2 with some mini SD Gundam Gashapon figures on.