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Introduction: Mini Hanging Succulent Holder

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These little cuties are the size of shot glasses.

Step 1: Throw a Little Shot Glass Sized Planter -OR- Buy a Shot Glass at the Thrift Store or Upcycle One

If your a potter and are looking for some new easy to do ideas. This is your kind of DIY.

But if your not a potter, your still in luck! Repurpose an old cute shot glass, or buy one used at a thrift or antique shop!

Step 2: Macrame

I did an easy basic macrame knot throughout. I used cotton cooking string because it was easy to find and fit the small planters. I also used a key ring to start the macrame on, because its heavy duty and easy to find lying around!

Make sure you leave space enough when designs this so that the planters can slip in.

knot the bottom off nice and tight so that the planter is secure. I use the planters while I am doing this to make sure it fits in snuggly.

If your not a macrame type person, strategically placed basic knots will work too.

Step 3: Fill the Pot

Because my pots do not have drainage I first used tiny rocks (collected from outside) to fill the bottom. Remember these rocks need to be very small!

Next I added some potting soil mixed with these tiny rocks.

I dug out a hold and added my tiny succulents.

Step 4: Put the Planter In

Next, I slip the planter in the holder and adjusted it snug. I usually add a snug piece of the cotton rope around the whole thing to make sure its not gonna fall out.

I water mine once a week and keep it in sunlight.

Happy planting!

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