Introduction: Mini Hobo Stove and Cup Free Recycled Survival

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This mini hobo stove won't cost you a thing and only take a few minutes to make. This would be perfect in an urban survival situation as pop cans usually litter the streets. Try and make one. It was lots of fun and I think I am going to do more projects with pop cans.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Short list.

2 pop can's

1 knife or something to cut the can with

Optional 1 pair of pliers to crimp the can's

Step 2: Make the Stove

1 Cut a hole approx. 2"X1.5" on the front bottom of the can

2 Cut hole approx. 1.5"X1" on the opposite side at the top back of can.

Step 3: Make the Cup

1 Cut top off can

2 cut a piece about an inch wide starting at the top going down about 2" - 3"

3 make two to three cuts to the same depth on the bigger piece left.

4 Fold down bigger pieces into the inside of the can. This will give you a rolled edge so you don't cut yourself while using it.

5 You should be left with the 1 inch wide piece left. Roll it down to make your cup handle

* See video to see better how it is done.

Step 4: Ready to Make Tea or Sterilize Water

1 Find tinder and small twigs and place in stove and light it up.

2 Place the cup you made on top of stove.

3 You should have hot water for your tea or sterilized water to drink in about 15 - 20 min

Step 5: Time to Drink Up

Let your water or tea cool to taste and enjoy.

Check out the video on one my Youtube channels listed below or watch on the intro page of this Instructable.

Thank you.

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