Introduction: Mini Hot Dog Snack Cakes

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This came about when we were planning a birthday celebration that was picnic themed. We wanted something fun and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

Golden snack cake i.e. Twinkies, Cloud Cakes, etc.

Chocolate covered snack cake i.e. HoHos, Swiss Cake Rolls, etc.

10oz vanilla frosting

Red and Yellow food coloring

2 small zip sandwich plastic bags

A spoon

A knife

The picture has the frosting already prepped, but I will give you the instructions in the next step!

Step 2: Making the "condiments"

Take the 10oz Vanilla Frosting, spoon half into one small zip sandwich plastic bag and the rest in the others mall zip sandwich plastic bag. Put 25 drops of red food coloring in to one bag and seal. Put 25 drops of yellow food coloring in to the other bag and seal.

Knead each bag gently until the color distributes and is uniform. Set them aside when ready.

Step 3: Building the Hot Dog

Cut the Golden snack cake lengthwise, with the knife. Place the Chocolate covered snack cake between the two halves.

Step 4: Adding "condiments"

Snip the corner of yellow frosting bag. Pipe onto the cakes, like mustard. Repeat for red frosting.

I found that alternating sides will let you see both condiments better.

Also, the red frosting stands out if used on top last.

Step 5: That's It!

Place on a plate or in a basket for presentation and enjoy!!

Bonus: You can chop up some green gummy bears or worms to use as "relish"

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