Introduction: Mini House

The house we are building is a 1.5M by 1.2M with a height of 1.92M

The materials needed are,

2 1.2M 2x4

2 1.5M 2x4

4 1.92M 2x4

A tarp that mesures around155m by 2m

Many nails I would recommend 1 1/2 inches and 3 inches

A pylon wood piece mesuring 1.3M x 1.2M

Step 1: Cutting the 2x4

The first step is cutting 8 2x4 in order to create a frame

The cut can be done in any way they just have to have the following lengths

2 pieces with a length of 1.5m

2 pieces with a length of 1.2m

4 pieces with a length of 1.92m

Step 2: Beginning the Frame

After cutting all the 2x4 to their respective mesures we can begin with the frame

Grab the 1.5m pieces and the 1.2m pieces

Place the 1,5m pieces parallel to each other and then follow it up by putting the 1.2m pieces on top of each of the 1.5m pieces. The 1.2m peices should be parallel and at each side of the 1.5m pieces. After this nail all pieces together to create the bottom part of the frame

Step 3: Making the Floor

grab a piece of pylon wood with a thickness of 2 inches. After that cut it so that is has a measurement of 1.3m by 1.2m in order to allow it to fit in the frame made before

Step 4: Placing the Floor

Once the pylon wood floor is finished place it on top of the 1.5m 2x4. After that nail it on both side in order to connect both pieces

Step 5: Making the Stands

Grab the 4 1.92m meter 2x4

At the end of each piece make a 23 degree angle cut

After making such cut place both pieces of wood together and nail them up together in order create a triangle shape

Step 6: Placing the Stands

After cutting the boards into angles and nailing the together place on of the on each side of the house. They should be running thought the long length of the house.

When that is done nail them to the bottom part of the frame. Try to use 2 or 3 nails per side to assure the house stands

Step 7: Putting the Tarp

The tarp will function as the walls and celling like a teepee

Try to buy a tarp that is 2m by 1.55m or something close to it. Also preferably it thick.

This last step is simple, spread the tarp throughout the stands and nail it up to all of them in order to create a triangle shaped ceiling after that it is all done