Introduction: Mini Hover Board Replica

To make this simple mini hover board replica, you'll need:

3\8 inch foam board


red, grean, purpel \ pink and black craft foam

silver paint

masking tape \ pink ducktape

xecto knife



pink marker (if you are using masking tape )

small plastic pins

Step 1: Printing

Print the templates and cut them out.

Use them to cut the craft foam and foam board. Color the rounded pieces in silver.

Step 2: Cutting

This step is optinal.

You'll need to make a cut near the end of the tail of the hoverboard to make the angel ( like seen in the picture). When you glue the template on, you'll need to cut the top one shorter. After you'll do that, glue the two pieces in your desired angel.

Step 3: Assemble

Color the masking tape pink (or use pink ducktape ) and stick it around the edges. Glue on the tamplates and details ( if you want you can add pins for detail ). If you want you could add a green circle and a pink strap on top.

Step 4: Appendix and Tip

In the picture above you can see the pins. All you need to do is break the pin in half, and push the sharp end through the craft foam into the foam board.

If you don't get a clean cut on the foam board use sand paper.

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